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  • 1991

    In 1991, Ivan and wife Sue develop Gillhams into a thriving Deli and Coffee Shop.  “Everything we do at Gillhams is born out of our love of good food, and that was the starting point for Coopers Gourmet Sausage Rolls,’ says Ivan.

  • 2010

    When the recession hit, Ivan disappeared back into the kitchen to create the perfect sausage roll as he knew it could be a delicious foodie product. 

    Ivan’s prototypes were devoured by the staff at Gillhams and that was when, Coopers Gourmet Sausage Rolls was born!

  • 2011

    By this time Ivan was making more and more Sausage Rolls and was running out of room so the decision to take the leap of faith and move to a unit was taken! Ivan and Anne moved to the Shropshire Food Enterprise Centre to a purpose built, state of the art Kitchen where there was plenty of room to grow the business…or so we thought!

  • 2013

    After a couple of years in our unit we quickly outgrew it and had to move next door into one of the larger units (3000 sq.ft)

  • 2014

    We decide to introduce Scotch Eggs into our range after demand from customer such as Selfridges. All of our Scotch Eggs are made by hand by our dedicated team.

  • 2015 (January)

    Daughter, India Watkiss joins the company as Sales & Marketing Manager

  • 2015 (February)

    Quickly outgrowing our 2nd unit at the Shropshire Food Enterprise Centre it was time to look for somewhere else. We came across a derelict packing shed in Roden, 5 miles outside of Shrewsbury. It was the perfect black canvas we were looking for. With 4 acres of land surrounding the building there would be plenty of room to expand. We took the plunge and placed an was accepted! Yay!

  • 2015 (August)

    By August, we were ready to move into the brand spanking new Coopers HQ! It felt like home straight away. By moving into this 6500 sq.ft building it meant we had the space to improve our processes and increase our level of food safety. We had out SALSA audit in October and passed with flying colours!

  • 2016

    In early 2016, Ivan heads back into the kitchen to develop his Pork Pie ideas. Here, at Coopers we don’t like to do things by half. Therefore Ivan had a light bulb moment of flavouring the jelly! We launched 4 lines of Pork Pie in November 2016.

  • 2016

    Towards the end of 2016, we decided that the name “Coopers Gourmet Sausage Rolls” just wasn’t right for us anymore as we do so much more than just our beloved Sausage Rolls, so we changed our trading name to “Coopers Gourmet Foods” and gave our logo a little face lift!

  • 2017 (May)

    In May 2017 we launched 4 flavours of Quiche including the best selling Broccoli & Roasted Red Pepper Quiche in a Beetroot Crust!

  • 2017 (November)

    After customer requests we decided to add two Turnovers to our range giving our customers the perfect 'brunch' option!

  • 2018 (April)

    We sent Ivan back into 'development kitchen' to work on new products! He didn't disappoint..we launched our range of Square Pies in April 2018 including the popular 'Vegan Square Pie'

  • 2018

    After three years at our home in Roden, we were outgrowing the space so the decision was made to add an extension to the Bakery and Production areas. We also built an external pallet store!

  • 2019

    Jordan and India take leading roles within the company as Managing Director & Commercial Director. Ivan goes back to his roots to focus on new product development leaving the day to day running of the company to Jordan & India. 

Once Tasted, Never Forgotten.