Supplier: Mrs Darlingtons

Marion Darlington started making her award-winning range of products in the 1980s. Now in her 70’s, Marion is still the ‘Mary Berry’ of recipe creation in the family firm – there are few to rival her skill in creating preserves and chutneys with such a fabulous homemade taste.  However, one of those rivals might just be her eldest daughter Sarah – they’ve been working together for 27 years, so when we say on the jar ‘Made with Love’, we really mean it!

 We love to use local ingredients and when its a family business, like us, its even better!

Products containing Mrs Darlington’s Chutneys and Sauces:
Indian Spice & Mango Chutney Sausage Roll
Sweet Chilli & Mixed Pepper Sausage Roll
Shropshire Blue & Caramelised Onion Sausage Roll
Black Pudding & Bramley Apple Sausage Roll

The team at Mrs Darlington’s claimed our Pork, Black Pudding & Apple Sausage Rolls were “absolutely delicious!!”